Monday, October 5, 2009

review - I Bought a Blue Car Today

Few cabaret performers electrify an audience. Peter Allen was able to do it with sheer energy, talent and drive. You had to see him jump on top of the piano to understand just how much energy was used up. Hugh Jackman can do it. His personality and good looks alone drive both men and women crazy. His energetic talent is also phenomenal. Then there's Alan Cumming, whose extraordinary talent and devilish sense of humor can keep a show in high gear. He's hard to describe-a shy, retiring soul with a lot of the bad boy underneath that creeps out to shock us every now and again - but, wow, what a magnetic vocalist...and those bizarre, outlandish, outrageous anecdotes he you're getting familiar with someone famous for the very first time. I never knew Ann Miller wanted to see more ...well, bless her!
Whether he sings from John Cameron Mitchell and Hedwig, or a Dore Previn or William Finn ballad, his emotional range is incredible, he pulls you in and you are hooked!
Cumming has star quality, whatever that means; he has what it takes to be GREAT!
I Bought a Blue Car Today, as it happens, was a sentence on his examination for US citizenship last year and he found it so appropo to the American energy and financial crises, that he decided to title his solo show after it. His new solo CD with the same title has the show pretty much in tact, with the addition of Cindy Lauper and John Bucchino songs. Good stuff! And Lance Horne, musical director, has some fab arrangements and original tunes.
Alan Cumming, I'm proud to announce early, is my choice for Best Solo Performance of 2009.


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