Saturday, September 19, 2009

review - Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas

Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas

written by Blair Singer/directed by John Rando/Geffen Playhouse through October 18

What starts out a rather strong and intelligent parody on the BS of the Hollywood system - how a star gets washed up after 20 years in the unknown zone - turns moronic and offensive less than half way in. Matthew Modine makes laughworthy fun of himself, Peri Gilpin has one of the best roles of her career as a ballsy oversexed agent - boy does her character make a Hollywood true story (maybe I'll flesh it out!) - and French Stewart is over-the-top hilarious as always, but these 3 cannot save this dismal play from - and I hate to see alpacas keeling over one by one - falling flat on its a--. It's like the worst sketch on Saturday Night Live you've ever seen, bar none! And what does it have to say about celebrities championing a cause? Is their heart and soul with the issue or with the A-list? Sure, the bottom line is: we are number one and have to make fun of it all, but there's a limit. How selfish and cruel to animals and humans alike!

Mark Fite is a worthy addition to the ensemble as Modine's conscience, but his insight is minimally present. Edward Padilla, Mark Damon Espinosa and Reggie De Leon do their best to provoke laughs but end up like a bad caricature of the Three Stooges. There's little hope for this Ecuadorian tribe, who deserve our respect, admiration - and help. As written, we are poking fun at them and their race in a very denegrating way. Talk about politically incorrect!!! It's shameful, revolting and a bore, bore, bore!!!!!

After the brilliant Farragut North, the Geffen really made a bad choice. Stay tuned!

1 and a half out of 5 stars


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