Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 book review - Stephanie Hutchinson

Brentwood award-winning playwright/music composer/lyricist Stephanie Hutchinson has two of her short plays More Precious than Diamonds and Super 8 versus Bacara Resort and Spa published in a new anthology entitled The Best 10-Minute Plays for 2 or More Actors (2009) edited by Lawrence Harbison and with publishers SK, A Smith and Kraus Book. Hutchinson has a very keen eye for diverse characterizations and with it an infectious sense of humor. Julie in Diamonds and Lulabelle in Super 8 are as different as day and night, but they both want love and know how to get what they want. The comedy is real, down-to-earth humor, emanating from the people themselves - totally believable, not superficial. They are both a fun read.
When I was first introduced to Miss Hutchinson, she had turned her More Precious than Diamonds into a musical, composing her own music and lyrics. It was performed in a festival of mini-musicals last June, 2009 at the Secret Rose Theatre in NoHo. The following is my review of the play, first printed here in June, 2009:
Winner of the annual Mini Musical Fest @ The Secret Rose Theatre in my book is More Precious Than Diamonds by Stephanie Hutchinson. The play revolves around Julie (Fay Gauthier) and friend Michelle (Deborah Png) , window shopping a diamond ring in a Tiffany's store. Julie has always wanted a ring and is fed up with waiting for the right man to come along & buy one for her. Stewart, the salesman (Marco Antonio Aguilar), who assists Julie, not only shows her an $84, 900 ring, but ends up giving her much, much more. The mini play, with book, music and lyrics by Stephanie Hutchinson, is a sweet, fresh take on love at first sight. Jonathan Levit ably directs the mini play with Steve Walby also in the ensemble as a tough store security guard. The plot is simple and clear, the songs fresh and pretty, and the actors do a truly first-rate job in acting and singing their roles.
To purchase the book, autographed by Stephanie Hutchinson, of 10-Minute Plays:
Please send a check for $31.65 (including tax, shipping/handling) to:
Stephanie Hutchinson
P.O. Box 492464
Los Angeles, CA 90049
CDs (plus synopsis) of MORE PRECIOUS THAN DIAMONDS, the Musical are also available for $8.50 (to the same address).


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