Friday, December 4, 2009

review - gay apparel: A Christmas Carol

gay apparel:
A Christmas Carol
adapted and directed by Jason Moyer
Lyric Hyperion Theatre
through December 20

Mounted originally in 2007 at the Celebration, gay apparel returns this season to the Lyric Hyperion and rises skillfully to the ranks of well above average fare. Campy. cute, a little naughty but tastefully conceived - and faithful to Dickens' classic, the play has simplistic accoutrements: a bare blackbox stage, a costume rack and a few moveable props and set pieces... and 6 devilishly skilled actors essaying a plethora of roles.
John Downey III as Scrooge is stern and stubborn, never flinching, even an inch, in a fine performance. Leon Acord adds class and distinction to his character portrayals of Marley, Fezziwig and ailing Uncle Tim (this version's answer to Tiny Tim). Jason Moyer playing assistant Bobby (we know him as Bob Cratchit) and Christopher Grant Pearson as young and older Ben (Ebeneezer) are full of zealous energy and gay mischief and are great fun to watch especially lipsyncing and dancing as Mary Christmas and Christmas Carol. Completing the ensemble are Lorianne Hill and Mandi Moss outstandingly strong in all the female roles.

Set in the world of fashion/clothing design - S&M (Scrooge and Marley) - there are plenty of glimpses via fashion shows of changing trends in apparel - loved the Ghost of Marley and his coat hangers! - and also fun peeks at gay lifestyle fads with a roller girl (Christmas Past) and disco boy (Christmas Present) as the Ghosts.

Gay Apparel's lines are humorously bitchy but not overdone, the acting is overwhelmingly excellent, and the staging is full. The show has a quick pace with not a dull moment to be had!
A very slick, finely tuned and welcomed adaptation of Christmas Carol, worth your time and not to be missed! Treat yourself! It's Christmas.

5 out of 5 stars


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