Thursday, December 10, 2009

review - Frosty the Snow Manilow

Beth Kennedy returns as the Winter Warlock and the Vogt twins (top right) are Frosty and Crystal respectively in this year's Christmas spectacular show Frosty the Snow Manilow from the Troubies at the Falcon Theatre.
Frosty the Snow Manilow
conceived and written by Matt Walker & The Troubies
directed by Matt Walker
Falcon Theatre
through January 17
Matt Walker and the Troubies have done it again! Every year, like a little kid, I eagerly anticipate the opening of their Christmas show at the Falcon, and every year I am never disappointed, proclaiming that particular show to be the best ever!! Well, I must admit, Frosty the Snow Manilow ranks in among the best!
First of all, there are those always tuneful, zesty sing-a-long Barry Manilow songs like "I Write the Songs", "Even Now" and "Copacabana", given a new spin the "Greenhouse Cabana", along with snappy choreography by Nadine Ellis and Ameenah Kaplan. It's a musical blast. Then, there's the story of Frosty chopped to smithereens by the Troubies and their inimitable humoresque - asides, too numerous to count, political jokes, tech gone wrong, pratfalls aplenty and the grotesque elements too, like penguin poop and sprays of puke to make an audience groan with pleasure. Lastly - but foremost - there's the talented ensemble that make the entire thing click or misfire as the case may be. Matt Walker, Beth Kennedy, Rick Batalla, Lisa Valenzuela, Christine Lakin, Lorin Shapiro, Mike Sulprizio et al are la creme de la creme -physically as well as verbally hilarious: they can sing, dance and tumble or juggle as all good circus performers do. Joining in the fun this year are film vet Jack McGee as the poker-faced narrator and comical redneck Santa - and Paul C. and Peter Allen Vogt, the twins with all the wins. These two guys are nonstop mischief and hilarity. Their dance and romantic entanglements as Frosty and his long-awaited galpal Crystal are by themselves worth the cost of admission, and their adlibs - priceless!
This is one great evening of theatre not to be missed: you leave smiling and begging for more!
No bah humbug here, thank you very much!!!!!
5 out of 5 stars


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