Saturday, February 21, 2009

review: Backseats & Bathroom Stalls

Backseats & Bathroom Stalls
written & directed by Rob Mersola
Lyric-Hyperion Theatre Cafe
Fridays & Saturdays at 10pm
through March 28

This adult late-nighter is just what the doctor ordered: it's laden with sex, dirty talk about sex and plays more genuinely funny than many legit comedies around town.
Regarding the relationships of 2 roommates - one straight female and one gay male - it explores what happens to young people who want more out of a relationship than just sex - or do they? He sleeps with her boyfriend, not aware of who he is. She sticks her nose into his business and offers the wrong advice to one of his tricks. The trick's fiancee - that's right, he cannot make up his mind about his sexuality - and a horny Italian, whose mother had gypsy blood in her and who's out to make every woman on the planet - somehow work their way into the main characters' lives. What results is mayhem! More bloody mistaken identities than a Shakespearean comedy! More laughs than 2 sitcoms rolled into 1!
The actors are all fabulous, with special attention to Jeni Pearsons and Sadie Alexandru as the fiancee and roommate respectively. They will make your neuroses seem tame and are wacky, laugh-out-loud hilarious! Joshua Bitton, Daniel Ponickly, Michael Alperin are just great and Anil Kumar steals the show as Giuseppi.
New York, like LA, engenders neurotic souls, but never before have they been served up so damned enticingly! Mersola has penned a minor cult classic.
Due to adult language, no kids allowed!
Suggestion: some nudity could add titillation to the promiscuous fun! It fits the bill.
4 out of 5 stars


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